Custom sofas are an excellent choice for the discerning homeowner. They provide you with the flexibility that traditionally manufactured sofas cannot offer. You have the luxury to provide the exact specifications of what you need from your sofa both in terms of function and form. Do you have an awkward angle in the room where you want to place your sofa? Maybe you’re trying to decide on the best fabric with which to upholster your piece. Perhaps you’d like a unique sectional to wrap in and around some occasional tables. Regardless of how specific or unique your instructions may be, McKinney Furniture and Design proudly crafts each of our pieces to your exact specifications. Continue reading to see why linen is an excellent fabric choice for your custom sofa, and then contact us to request information on designing the sofa of your dreams.

Luxurious Appearance

Made from the flax plant, linen is actually an ancient fabric with evidence of its common use in the strips of fabric used to wrap the Egyptian mummies. In fact, linen’s name comes from the Egyptians and means woven moonlight. Obviously, the Egyptians were not blind to the beauty of linen! When considering the type of fabric with which to cover your custom sofa, you should consider the overall design approach for the room where it will be placed. Have you created the room with a beachside resort in mind, or a very minimalist approach? Linen is so versatile that it would be easy to fit into either one of these design schemes. It has a very rich natural appearance which could lend itself to being the focal piece of the whole room, should you choose. Naturally, the color varies between a light beige and grey. Aside from the color, the overall sheen of the fabric is what makes it truly stand out. Choose to have your custom sofa upholstered with linen and you will be more than satisfied with the luxurious piece that graces your home.

Deceptively Durable

With a fabric that appears so luxurious, you might be tempted to think that it would not be the most durable choice. You definitely should consider the amount of use that your custom sofa will be getting as you decide what fabric to choose. If your sofa will be used heavily, you have kids, fur babies, or host lots of social gatherings, then you should absolutely put linen at the top of your list of fabrics. Most things that look luxurious are delicate, but not so with linen. Linen is actually one of the strongest materials available, outperforming the widely used fabric, cotton. Linen upholstery will actually resist shedding and piling, making it a fabric that will last for years without showing signs of damage. 

Soft and Cool

There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as relaxing on a couch with a good book only to find yourself slowing heating up due to the lack of breathability in the upholstery. Linen is a great solution to this problem. It is smooth and cool to the touch, and it actually becomes smoother with use! The weave of the fiber, as well as the linen fabric itself, allow more air flow. The stiffness of the fabric means that it is more likely not to cling to your body the way that other fabrics are prone to do.

A Cleaner Fabric

Linen is naturally anti-microbial and is even resistant to mildew. This is especially good news for those of us who live in humid climates! Linen is actually considered to be one of the cleanest fabrics because its fibers are so tightly woven that they won’t loosen over time. This feature means that it resists the tendency of traditional fabrics to invite dust particles to become embedded in the material. For families who suffer from seasonal allergies, linen should be a top consideration for the upholstery on your custom sofa due to the natural fibers in the fabric.

Environmentally Friendly

Linen is a naturally occurring fabric, which means that it does not need to go through the chemical process of a manufacturing plant. As we mentioned earlier, linen comes from the flax plant and that is important here because there is minimal upkeep as far as pest control goes, so you do not have to worry about the heavy use of pest-control chemicals. An added benefit is that the structure of the fabric means that it will not require regular cleanings, which eliminates chemicals even more from your environment.

McKinney Furniture and Design wants to work with you to create the custom sofa or sectional of your dreams. When designing your ideal piece, be sure to give linen a heavy consideration as the upholstery for your sofa. There are so many benefits to choosing linen and we know that you will be completely satisfied with this fabric choice. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and let us begin designing your custom sofa.